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Speed dating

wednesday 19. February from 19 hodin

Bridge Restaurant, Praha 1
Women 22–32 let
(290 Kč)
Men 25–32 let
(690 Kč)
Speed dating for young people is accompanied by an informal relaxed atmosphere. You just came to talk to people like yourself, young people who want to meet and look for someone to understand each other.

Mutual sympathy is recognized at first glance. Just meet. Give us two hours of your time and we will introduce you to young and nice people who, like you, are looking for the opportunity to know the right one / the right one :)

18:40 Allow time and arrive 15-20 min before the event
18:50 Settle down and have the time to have a drink
19:00 We start :) our moderator briefly explains the rules
19:10 Dating can begin, with each of you having 5 minutes for a short interview
19:40 Sometimes we meet a lot and so we take a break
20:20 By now you should have all your bikes behind
20:30 When you have time, the evening doesn't have to end so soon and you can keep talking. The results will arrive in about two hours to email you.
Zahoďte telefon, vypněte počítač a přijďte se seznámit naživo. Poznáte spoustu skvělých lidí.
Original first date arranged to suit your wishes
Nalaďte se na seznamování a zamilujte se! Jděte lásce naproti.
Enjoy the company of other people
Kontakt na partnera Vám předáme už za 2 hodiny po skončení seznamovací akce.
Within 2 hours after the event, you will receive "dating matches"


28. November 2019
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Pekne, prijemna nenucena atmosfera.

26. September 2019
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Skvělá myšlenka! Seznamování je efektivní a provedení na úrovni! Díky.