Speed dating

Thursday 16. June, from 19:00 hodin

YoCafé • Praha 2
Women 25–35 let
(590 Kč)
Men 28–35 let
(590 Kč)
25–35 let
590 Kč
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28–35 let
590 Kč
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Základní informace

Počet účastníků max. 9 mužů a 9 žen
Dobra trvání cca 01:15 (19:00 - 20:15)
doražte min. 15 minut před začátkem
Věková tolerance +/- 2 roky
Venue: YoCafé
Anny Letenské 1204/1
Praha 2
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Podrobné informace

On a quick date you will know in a few minutes who you fall into the eye. Live dating saves you long internet correspondence that you don't have time for anyway. Go directly to what you are looking for.

Give us 90 minutes of your time and we will introduce you to your age counterparts who are eager to meet you. You will meet live and decide who to exchange contact with yourself. It was never easier to arrange a date!

We will meet 15-20 minutes before the start
Settle down and order a drink
Get started. The moderator will explain the dating rules in a few minutes
Now you're just having fun in pairs, with five minutes each
Approximate snack break time
At the moment, he will have had interviews with all the participants in the evening
It is up to you whether you want to stay longer and talk to those with whom you have not been able to say everything


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z 4199 hodnocení
27. April 2022
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Moc příjemný večer, všem vřele doporučuji! :)

27. April 2022
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Seznamovací večer mě mile překvapil, mnohem lepší zkušenost než on-line seznamování. Děkuji!

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